A Surefire Way To Gain Energy In Your Everyday Life

Lay on the couch, open a bag of potato chips and turn on your favorite trash TV. Do this for about 30 minutes, and now tell me how energetic you feel? Chances are that you feel tired, sluggish, and maybe lazy. Now go to the gym, and no matter how tired you feel, jump on your favorite workout machine, start a weight-lifting routine, or do yoga or another class. Fight through the fatigue for about 30 minutes and see how you feel. Do you feel energized? Excited? Happy? This is no coincidence.

The body is a master of energy management, and it is always seeking to match the energy it delivers to the demands of the task at hand. If you are lying around all day, you can expect that your body will pull back the throttle on the energy provided, because you don’t need it at that moment, and it would be wasted. On the other hand, if you begin a workout when you are deathly tired, you will notice that you become more awake, alert, and much more energized than you were before. It would be logical to think that exerting energy when you are tired would make you more tired, but that is not how the body works. Your body gives you what you need, so when you exercise, even when tired, your body will muster the energy required to meet the task. When you engage in a task that demands great energy from the body, your body provides the needed energy simply because your activity asked for it. The same is true when you lay on the couch and watch TV. Your chosen activity has requested a meager amount of energy from your body, and a scant amount of energy is what it will receive.

By the same token, if you do the same workout every time you go to the gym, your body will eventually stop getting more muscular. Over time, you will complete the lifts or exercises that you previously could not, but you will ultimately hit a plateau. Your body has sought and achieved equilibrium.

In fact, do anything new, and your body will struggle with it for a while, but in time it will become an easy and mindless task. Learn a second language, learn a different skill, or learn a new dance. At first, it will feel unbearably tricky. Still, if you keep it up, your body will attain equilibrium with what you are demanding of it, and it will become a mindless and easy task.

Request energy from the body, through the activities you choose to undertake, and it will provide what you are asking for. Request rest from the body, through the activities you select, and it will be provided by the body. Your body is an awe-inspiring machine that responds to the stimulus surrounding it. But you can be the source of the stimulus if you choose. If you want energy, put yourself in situations that demand energy. If you seek rest, put yourself in environments that are conducive to rest. But beware: if you regularly place yourself in conditions that are “restful” or are not demanding of energy, you will likely feel lethargic or even depressed after a while. Your body has gone into hibernation, and it is awaiting the stimulus to awaken itself. It waits for a situation that calls for energy.

So remember always that your body will give you what you request of it.  Make sure the demands you make of your body are in line with how you want to live. Request energy today, through your actions, and watch your body respond. Good luck!

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